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CAM350 & DFMStream - Februari 16

DFMStream Live Demo now with Rigid Flex support
With the revolutionary changes in Release 14.5 we now support the importation and visualization of CAD designs containing Flex, Rigid Flex and Embedded component data in both 2D and 3D views.

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BluePrint-PCB - Februari 17

BluePrint Live Demo featuring Flex and Rigid Flex Support
This Webinar will introduce you to the tools in BluePrint that allow for flex and Rigid Flex designs to be documented easily and accurately. This includes the support for multiple material Stack-ups, definition of dielectrics and cores in both the rigid and flex sections of the design. The ability to exchange these stack-ups between design and fab, using ours and other software. Create documentation that shows each Stack-up zone, and the materials included in each zone.

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